Hira Sobhan | Din Protidin | Tanvin Jakia | Khairul Babui | BV Program | 21 July 2019

Amous art critic John Lumsden Propert writes in ‘A History of Miniature Art,’ “The Regent diamond, or the Koh-i-noor is small in comparison with the paving-stones on our highways and almost infinitesimal in juxtaposition with the boulder on the mountain side, but they are certainly not insignificant, and the power and light condensed within their small circumference may be justly compared with the force, life, and truth concentrated by the hand of a master on an inch or two of vellum, paper or ivory, bearing the same sort of relation to the larger panels and canvases that the gem does to the rock.”
The 3rd solo miniature art exhibition entitled ‘Life and the Narrative of Time-1’ by artist Prof Dr Hira Sobahan was held at La Galerie of the Alliance Française de Dhaka (AFD) in the capital’s Dhanmondi area recently. KM Khalid MP, the State Minister of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs attended the opening ceremony as the chief guest and Frank GRÜTZMACHER TÉCOURT, Deputy Head of the Mission to the Embassy of France to Bangladesh, also attended the event as the special guest.
For his third solo miniature art exhibition, Prof Dr Hira Sobahan has brought about a narrative of the time employing oil pastel, pen ink and acrylic on newsprint. He is particularly conversant with modern approaches of art, namely concrete, semi-abstract and abstract.
His artworks depict the natural beauties of this country, the modern way of life, disasters, the various shortcomings of society, and social decadence, among others. The title of his exhibition is ‘Life and the Narrative of Time-1.’ Out of his 500 miniature artworks, only 101 were put on display in the exhibition.
Dr Hira Sobahan (Md Abdus Sobahan) was born on 24 May in 1970 at the village Nandibari in Muktagachha of Mymensingh. He is a well-known print-maker, painter, designer, researcher and writer. Currently he is working as Professor of Printmaking at the Department of Painting Oriental Art and Printmaking, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Rajshahi.

Sheikh Arif Bulbon,
The Daily Newnation,
Wednesday, May 27, 2020 03:11:31 AM.