Edited journals

Edited Abong Journal, 2008.

Ebong – 2008 On the eve of the Great Independence Day, that is, in the month of March, honoring all the freedom fighters, the second edition of a quarterly magazine of art-literature-culture named ‘Ebong’ started its journey on 1st March, 2008 from Rajshahi. Sarkar Rumana Akhter was in publication. The first issue consisted of the lifeworks of prominent figures, articles, short stories, poetry, drama, music, painting, documentary, cultural news etc. Formatting and cover page, ornamentation and editing of the magazine was done by me.

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Abong journal, 1992.

‘University Student’s Welfare Association’ was established with the students studying in different universities from Muktagacha. This organization published the first issue of the magazine, ‘Ebong’ on 14th April, 1992. I was the second editor of that magazine. Moreover, cover page and ornamentation was done under my editing. The issue made room for articles, stories, arts, economics, poetry and many more.

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Handwriting nobodiganta journal 1990.

‘Independence Day’ issue of an irregular bi-monthly literary magazine named ‘Nabadiganta’ published from Muktagachha on 26th March of 1990. Its editor was Late Tapan Devnath. Cover page, ornamentation and full decoration was done with my hand writings. I also worked as its associate editor. Article, short stories, poetry, news of arts and culture published in it. This magazine, written and painted fully by hand, allured the praise of the connoisseurs. The journal was also awarded by the Deputy Commissioner of Mymensingh District.

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